I Asked for Advice… and Got It

I recently queried my friends on line about the wisdom of having a serialized novel on my blog. The response was  an emphatic “NO!” I hadn’t considered how many women work on their computers daily and would prefer another medium for reading books.  So no serialized novel will show up on my blog.

In fact, the response encouraged me to give up on my previous idea and go straight for getting published. However, so as not to confuse the readers, I will be looking for a new home for my blog and a place to publicize what I write (Women’s Fiction).

Meantime, that old dilemma of how a debut novelist can get her name out there and interest readers in her book still exists. I still think this social media is the way to go. And continued thinking along those lines has convinced me that a good book review from a debut novelist might work. SOOOOOO….. I am now looking for a fresh new voice to review.

All you unpubs, let me hear from you. I will buy your book and do my best to give it a good review.

Cats and Dogs… the Wise Ones

Kimi and Grey KittyIn all of my 78 years here I have had many animal companions (as the French call our pets). As a gardener who enjoys thinking about the human condition, I often ponder while planting garlic and such just why we humans can’t just get along with one another… no more wars, just tending our business and loving one another. I think it’s called tolerance.

I first heard this said during the riots in LA years ago. A young truck driver said, “Can’t we all just get along ?” even as he was being beaten by some of LA’s finest .

Now to make this point even clearer, here’s a photo of my big black Labrador and our latest cat addition “Grey Kitty.” Now if so-called “dumb animals” can get this concept, why can’t we? Or maybe we are the dumb animals!

I Got the Lovely Blogger Award from Patricia Yager Delagrange, Writer Extraordinaire of Women’s Fiction

I am so proud to have received this award from Patti, a writer I truly admire. The purpose of the award is to spread the word about new blogs you may have missed. So go over to www.Patricia Yager Delagrange.WordPress .com and check out the other 14 recipients of this award. Meanwhile I’ll be thinking of another  15 blogs to pass the award to.

And now another garden story: a few weeks ago I noticed the middle planter on the front wall of our house didn’t look happy. In fact it looked pretty bad. I had planted heather (as in Scottish heather on the moors) in the 3 planters but the middle one just didn’t make it. As I was on my way to do some shopping I decided to drop in at Gamm Vert, my favorite plant place and see what I could find to replace the heather.

Inside I saw a clerk placing geranium plants in small pots out. When I asked what color they might be, she said she didn’t know but at 1 euro a pot how could I go wrong? So I bought 3 pots. I can’t resist a bargain. Back home I planted them in the old planter after transferring the heather to the lower garden. I hate waisting a plant.

This morning when I thought a geranium might like a drink of water. Lo and behold! I found those tiny plants were flowering like mad in pink, red and white,

So here are my prize geraniums at 1 euro a pot! I do love a bargain.

I think I may have forgotten to tell you about our new grey kitty. He showed up in what we call the cat yard which is adjacent to our cat room. He is so sweet and gentle that I couldn’t resist feeding him. But when Robin, local handyman, spotted him he said he thought he might belong to Manuel who was a police chief in Tahiti. Manuel has cats, so I told Robin to tell Manuel that I might have his grey kitty and if he wants him, come get him. I don’t really need to have a problem with a former Tahitian police chief, now do I? I also asked around the village. I had to since my daughter, Meg, accuses me of being a Cat Thief.

Okay that brings us up to date. Now let me know if you’d like to nominate a blog for a nice award. Or go over to Patti’s blog and see what she’s up to!

When in Doubt Plant Lettuce, Garlic and Onions… and wear pink garden shoes

I have a number of tools that I value highly but none more than my pink plastic garden shoes and my scooter full of my valued tools.

I don’t remember where Reg found the scooter but if we ever find another one, I’ll buy it on the spot. I’ve had this one about 20 years.

The only thing I’d change about the pink shoes are the holes which allow ants to crawl in and bite my toes.

The view inside my scooter

I found the lettuce I like at Gamm Vert in Guingamp and I found the garlic (French: le ail) in Carrefour. And today the garlic was planted.

Ready to plant a little garlic. First I Googled “Cultivating Garlic” and found the best info on a website “Boundary Garlic Farm” in Canada. The info was very specific. It said to plant the garlic buds ideally about 8 inches apart but if your garden area is small 6 is okay. As I was going to plant the garlic mingled with the lettuce I planted at 6 inches. The tip of the garlic bud should be 2 inches into the soil.

 Digging the holes for the garlic, making sure I put the tip of the bud 2 inches into the soil.

I am not measuring but pretty sure I gave them the 6 inches apart and the 2 inches of soil on top. The info at the Boundary Garlic Farm  said to be sure not to water the crown of the bud. As it looked like rain was coming I didn’t water at all. Now I wait to see what happens next. That’s the hard part for me.

BTW, I found 4 more potatoes while setting out the garlic. My cup runneth over.

Will be looking for some onion plants. And weeding and pruning. Never a dull moment in a garden!

The Missing Chicoree Mystery

I am the first to admit that I am not a patient person. I like being active. So, on the first sunny day I went down to my garden and cleared out what was left of the Potatoes and prepared the earth to receive a new Something. What that Something would be wasn’t yet too clear to me. I consulted the Internet for things to plant in September. Not helpful. I went to the garden center to see what they had to offer. And there it was: a shelf full of chicoree. It looked sort of like lettuce so I thought I’d have a go at it, having been a successful lettuce grower.

Back home I couldn’t wait to get that chicoree in the ground. I made nice little rows of holes, added rich soil, dragged the hose out and set about sticking my chicoree plants into their new home.

Full of hope and inspriation the plants went in, were watered (the Internet said chicoree loves water). Job completed, I went inside and rewarded myself with an aperitif.

If this photo looks like the one above, don’t think you need glasses. Full of hope and inspriation the next morning I hurried down to the chicoree bed to find that half the plants had disappeared. No s*** Sherlock! There were neat little holes where the plants should have been. It was like one of those cartoons where Something comes in the night and drags the plants underground.

In a fury, I told Reg(my Beloved) that Something had come in the night and eaten half of my chicoree. Ever so sympathetically he offered to get to the bottom of this, suggesting that he had heard that bears like chicoree. BEARS???? We don’t have BEARS. ONLY THE OCCASIONAL FAMILY OF WILD BOARS. So I returned to the garden and counted what was left of my chicoree crop. Not much. But I did notice Something Strange.  One of my Teddy Bears was sitting nearby looking ever so innocent.

Back up to the house to tell Reg who had a silly grin on his smirking face.

“I told you bears like chicoree.”

Giving that bear a good lecture.

Not that it did any good. Bears have the attention span of a demented fly.

Today, the sad end of my lament: All of my chicoree is missing. Bear is back on my book shelf looking smug and a little nauseous. Serves him right. I am not sure I wanted that chicoree anyway.

Any ideas for something I can plant in September in a place formerly occupied by 14 chicoree plants and a bear? Like I said, I am not a patient person.