With the truck and trailer parked out front, all that was left to do was to unload all that stuff inside them. Not a problem. I had been itching to get my hands on old familiar stuff and make this cottage a warm and cozy place before Meg’s girls came over for the holidays.


 John the carpenter had heard enough from me about needing a proper kitchen. He went to work putting up proper walls (nothing in the cottage was properly squared) on the other side of the arch in the main room. Now there was a place for the sink unit, refrigerator and cook stove. He even eliminated the ugly old kitchen corner. I knew what I wanted there…

That awful corner kitchen …

….became a reading corner.
New cook-stove and pine pieces – Looking good! Think I’ll start cooking.

The new arrangement is working. We have a little living room group in front of the fireplace and kitchen with table and chairs on the other side of the arch. What is needed now is a divider in the archway. John the Carpenter and the nice gite folks say there’s a brocante (French for junk shop) where the owner speaks English that may have what I need. Looks like I have more shopping to do! (Reg grimaces. $$$s flying away!)