Granddaughters Jessica and Emma made it across the Channel on their own. Reg and I picked them up at the airport after the girls identified us. Probably a wise procedure. On the way home, a flurry of snow began. It would be a perfect Holiday!

Sandy, Grandma, Emma & Jessica and SNOW!

The tree was up in our tiny living room as well as piles of gifts. But the turkey couldn’t wait. At dinner I amused the girls with my tale of buying the turkey. Weight here in France is in kilos so when I asked the butcher if he had a fourteen kilo turkey he totally cracked up and answered, “Are you feeding a battalion of the French army?” A 14 kilo turkey would be something over 30 lbs. Also, I apparently didn’t get the word for turkey (dinde) exactly right which caused a small crowd to gather and try to interpret what I wanted. The French always try to be helpful and eventually I got a decent size bird.
Next the folks Reg had stayed with when he came over the first time to find the house, the O’Gradys, invited us over for New Year’s Eve. What a bash! I think every English ex-pat in Brittany was there and plenty of young people for my granddaughters to meet as well. A few French neighbors stopped by to wish everyone a Happy New Year. The mix was delightful. And I was convinced we simply have to take French lessons!
The girls gave me one of their looks – something that might be interpretted as “Oh, no! Our elderly grandmother is going to learn French???” As an ‘elderly grandmother’ you get used to that sort of look.

New Year's Eve - 2000 - at the O'Grady's

 Reg gets crowned by an O’Grady with a Stetson! Granddaughters are only slightly amused.

And thus began our first whole New Year in France!