A pause here to celebrate Printemp (Spring). Here’s my camelia beginning to bloom:

You can see our little road on the left and  a bit of what Reg calls our “putting green.” But the main attraction will soon be our camelia and the azaleas who are budding now.

Back to Life Goes On… and it does. Sadly, we noticed Sister Kitty not doing so well. Since Sister was a stray and we had no idea how old she was, we took her to the vet who said she was just slowing down. He surmised she was quite old. We had had her for almost 10 years. She slowly stopped eating. I tried tempting her with all sorts of her favorite foods to no avail. And sadly one morning I found her sweet soul had left her body to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We buried her up on Apple Tree. Now of the three cats who came to France with us only Norma Jean and Rob Roy were left. But as fate would have it, a little black Bretagne cat showed up on our doorstep and made himself at home:

We named him Tache (French for “Spot” as he had one white spot on his tummy.) Did Sister Kitty send him to us to keep us company?

Another pause here to give you some idea of our new kitchen and dining area. As soon as the kitchen was functional, we began planning Christmas there. Daughter Meg and her girls were coming over for our first “Renovated Christmas.”

Rob Roy enjoys the fireplace (designed and installed by Paul Hemmett).

My cook stove in my galley kitchen (designed and installed by Carredec Kitchens). I insisted upon a linear kitchen – galley style – was it intuitive of my future?

And then it was Chrismas . Here you can see the gallery above the kitchen that is Reg’s office (he likes to be near his food!).

Well, there you have it. The renovation was pretty much done and dusted (as my English friends would say). Meg and her beautiful daughters had arrived and a glorious Christmas it was. Who could have known how things would change in the very near future?

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