Had high hopes of planting the broccoli today, but it’s way too wet in the garden. Nevermind, gives me a good reason to write the novel. That’s how I decide between gardening and writing: a rainy day is for writing. A sunny one is for gardening. Easy. And here’s where I do that writing in my Writing Corner of my bedroom:

I know it looks pretty messy, but I know where everything is and I can NOT live without lots of notes around me. Besides it faces West so the sun is behind me when I write in the morning.

My present WIP is the second novel of the trilogy I am writing called The Rest of Her Life, and I’ll soon start to publish on my domain if I can decide what to call it. I first called the domain www.read-a-soap.com but I am thinking that doesn’t quite convey what will be there. How about www.lunchhourreads.com ? You can send me your ideas via my personal email address which is annecrowder@gmail.com .

The first story is about a girl who married far too young but thought she was a grown-up and happily pursued a life of wife, mother and general flunky until she realized something was missing…. well, you’ll have to read it to get the full picture. It’s Women’s Fiction with a lovely little romance as well.

Now here’s where you come in: I need advice about how many chapters to publish each week, or should I publish a chapter a day? I write in fairly short chapters. I wonder what lunch hour readers want.

Meanwhile, maybe I should tidy up my desk. That photo is kind of embarrassing.

Be watching for my new domain name (thank you, Patti!). I like the idea of www.lunchhourreads.com . Do you?

Quick Flash: Can’t change the name of my domain until I renew it. Soooo… How about I leave it www.read-a-soap.com but have a section of it under the name Lunch Hour Read? Anyway, I need to get it past being “Under Construction” and start getting serious about being an indie published author.