How could I have not posted the new additions to our Cat Family? Well, I did.

Jo, my wonderful helper, took in a pregnant feral cat who, of course, eventually had 3 kittens. At that time I was pretty well on the mend from the cancer episode and thinking that Norma Jean, my 22 year old cat, might not last a whole lot longer. I think 22 years old in Cat years is like about a 100 years old. So, I told Jo I would take a couple of her adorable kittens. As we generally get older cats looking for a retirement home, we hadn’t had kittens in a long time. Jo’s kids had named one of the kittens Marmalade because of her ginger coloring. So I took Marmalade and her brother who we named Marmaduke. The two of them provided my entertainment as I continued to recuperate

The Marmie Twins take on a spider plant in the Cat Room.

During our renovation I decided having a Cat Room was essential and the small entrance at the side of the house was nominated. We increased the size of the room, adding windows all around and a couple of windows in the roof. Norma Jean had already claimed her favorite chair in that location and now the new kittens discovered the shelf where food and water were always available. 

Marmalade in my Jade Plant, her favorite hiding place.

The first thing I noticed after the arrival of the Marmies was how interested my elderly Norma Jean was in the kittens. From her chair she watched as the kittens took over the food shelf. It seemed to me that the kittens had given Norma Jean a new lease on life. No longer did she sleep all day. She had two lively companions to watch. Norma Jean began to eat better and occasionally take a stroll outside.

Marmaduke hides from his twin sister.

Had I, by adding kittens to her life, extended Norma Jean’s already long life? It would seem so.

Norma Jean takes a new interest in her shelf! Can’t have those scamps of kittens running around helter skelter!

Well, that was then and this is now. Norma Jean is in her 23rd year of a beautiful life. The kittens are big guys now and have discovered the wonderful world of milking barns, stone ruins where mice live and the joy of growing into big scary cats. Marmaduke is best buddies with Tache, our black Bretagne cat, but still keeps an eye on his twin sister, Marmalade.  

And I am learning many lessons from my ancient Norma Jean. She is a great observer of life from her chair in the Cat Room. She eats well, sleeps well and doesn’t expect to dash about like the kittens. She and I are taking our old age in stride and enjoying the grandchildren.

It isn’t a bad gig – this easy-going old age in France!