I recently learned 80% (more or less) of the English language is derived from the French language. One would think, therefore, that I should be able to converse 80% of the time in French. One would think .However, there are those other ways of saying things in French.

Example from an EnglIsh neighbor of mine: Distressed beyond words, my neighbor arrived at my door to inform me she was frigid. Before I could react she added, “I just told my French neighbor, “Je suis froide.” To which she replied she was sorry to hear that, followed by “So how does your husband feel about that?” “That,” my English friend explained, “was when I knew I had said it wrong ” Indeed. She had.

As in almost all romantic languages, unless your condition is permanent, and you wish to say you are cold, you would say you have cold or “J’ai froide.” meaning, of course, that as soon as you warm up you will say “J’ai chaude.” and your husband will stop worrying. (I have it on good authority – my Beloved – that men generally like Hot women.)

Frankly I rather like the way the French express themselves. Very few of us women stay cold forever (unless dead) or hot forever. So it makes sense to say you are – temporarily – cold or hot. None of the above applies if you are in the vicinity of George Clooney.

Then there are those pesky vowels that can get you in real trouble. But that’s a French lesson for another day.

Meanwhile, back on the subject of language in the written form, that is… I have a question for you blog readers: I write Women’s Fiction – thus far as a hobby- since I haven’t been published. Having a few books under my bed gathering dust, it occurred to me that I might as well dust them off and add them to this blog, even though, for the most part they have nothing to do with how easy it is to live French.

What I need to  know first, however, is would any of you read an on-going serialized novel if I added it – absolutely free – to this blog? My other option is to self-publish them through Amazon who would probably put a price on them. (I don’t mean that as a threat, just a fact.)