After the rainiest April and May in history, at last, the rain ceased and I had a beautiful sunny day, it was time to get some vegetables planted. I enlisted Sophia (the beautiful French champion boxer) Collier-Millington to come on over and help me get the weeds out of the way. Sophia who has a brilliant future in Boxing, considers working in my garden as training. And who am I to say otherwise?

Sophia prepares the bed for onions while Anne sits and supervises.

Reluctant to give up the garden entirley to vegetables I insert vegetables in any odd place I feel they will thrive. It may be in the Iris bed or as you can see above beside an ornamental grass plant.  Onions aren’t picky. Have an onion, Sophia?

And dont’ forget to give it a drink of water. Now for the potatoes and broccoli and lettuce! Never a dull moment in a garden! 

In a previous post I gave you a look at the Marmie twins as kittens. So here they are 2 years later: Here’s Marmaduke lounging on a stone ruin. Or is he keeping an eye out for mice?

Sister Marmalady lounges on the woodpile. The twins are never far apart. 

Okay, that’s it for today’s garden news. But stay tuned for the exciting potato, brocolli and lettuce planting.To be continued…