We have been suffering from high winds for almost 2 weeks now. When I screwed up my courage to go see how my garden was growing I found my Irises and Delphiniums blown over and in desperate need of staking. I hesitated to tie them up too securely for fear of their stalks breaking.

This is the constant delimma for amateur gardeners: What to do for our precious babies? My decision was to cut the flowers for an arrangement in the house. I did stake a few of the healthier stalks up. But significant work in the garden will have to wait until the winds die down.

Delphiniums before the squally winds hit.

READING SUGGESTIONS: Meanwhile, I ‘ll continue to catch up on my reading and give you the titles I find most interestiing: Daughter Meg in London brought me a quirky little book called A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but interesting. And it’s short so you wont’ have waisted much time if you decide to read it. A devoted fan of Diane Johnson (who splits her time between San Francisco and Paris) I found an early book of hers that I had somehow missed. The title is Burning and it’s a marvelous commentary on Southern California a few years back.