Climate Change continues to baffle gardeners. The rain continues and I now know how to predict when it begins. First the wind blows crazily. Then it settles down and a few big drops of rain hit, then the deluge. I have stopped complaining since everything is growing beautifully with the exception of the potatoes. They grew too fast, blossomed and aren’t producing  the beauties I had last summer.

But I do feel a bit of a loss… not being able to work for any significant length of time outdoors.

On the advice of Robin, the REAL GARDENER, we are spreading salt on the newly graveled paths to suppress the weeds. 

Starting out slowly, Reg bought one bag of salt to see how far it would go. He got the better part of 2 paths.

Here he rakes it in just in time for the next shower to give it a good soaking. We are hoping it works as well as Robin says it will. Meanwhile I will continue to pull up the occasional over-achieving weed.

Of course, there is always the housework to do. Especially since we got a call from an ITV show saying our house might be chosen to particiate in a show called “May the Best House Win.”  I think the operable word here is “MIGHT.”     Didn’t hear any more after I chatted by telephone with ITV LONDON. Then I got a call saying we would be visited by 2 women scouts. I went into panic mode, cleaning things that hadn’t seen a dust cloth in possibly 8 years.

The two delightful ladies showed up on a Saturday morning and were quite positive about our house. Then they left to go on to see other houses. No word as yet that our house will be one of the chosen four to compete. To be continued…