Remember that ITV show that called me? Well, they called back to say that since I knew one of the other contestants I would not be on that show. HOWEVER, they still wanted me to be a back up if someone else dropped out. ??? I came to my senses and opted out. Who needs to be cleaning house when it’s truly Summertime and the living should be easy!

t’s always a good idea to calm down and not let your ego take over in matters of this nature. So while relaxing on the patio, I considered whether I really wanted 3 other people traipsing through my house with a critical eye. NO! (You may recall that photo of my messy desk?) Then I got a call from my friend Brenda (the one I knew who recommended me) and she was having second thoughts also. We enjoy the same messy way of life. So we decided we didn’t need to be on TV. We have a life!

So, what to do? Daughter Meg arrived from London and we took a day trip to the most delightful village near here- PONT AVEN – loaded with art galleries and delightful cafes.

The salade was great!

Me and my Beloved Reg.

I can highly recommend Pont Aven. In the late 19th century it was home to Guaguin and his fellow Impressionists. And no wonder … the river inlet from the sea is gorgeous and the light fantastic. Meg so admired my pink hat that she bought me a shirt of the same color. I love it. Then in a fit of spending we bought sister Kathy a striped shirt. The shops are full of great stuff at reasonable prices.

The drive home was perfect – sunny blue sky, no rain! A perfect retreat from house and garden work.

France continues to delight us! Come on over. You’ll love it!