I have a number of tools that I value highly but none more than my pink plastic garden shoes and my scooter full of my valued tools.

I don’t remember where Reg found the scooter but if we ever find another one, I’ll buy it on the spot. I’ve had this one about 20 years.

The only thing I’d change about the pink shoes are the holes which allow ants to crawl in and bite my toes.

The view inside my scooter

I found the lettuce I like at Gamm Vert in Guingamp and I found the garlic (French: le ail) in Carrefour. And today the garlic was planted.

Ready to plant a little garlic. First I Googled “Cultivating Garlic” and found the best info on a website “Boundary Garlic Farm” in Canada. The info was very specific. It said to plant the garlic buds ideally about 8 inches apart but if your garden area is small 6 is okay. As I was going to plant the garlic mingled with the lettuce I planted at 6 inches. The tip of the garlic bud should be 2 inches into the soil.

 Digging the holes for the garlic, making sure I put the tip of the bud 2 inches into the soil.

I am not measuring but pretty sure I gave them the 6 inches apart and the 2 inches of soil on top. The info at the Boundary Garlic Farm  said to be sure not to water the crown of the bud. As it looked like rain was coming I didn’t water at all. Now I wait to see what happens next. That’s the hard part for me.

BTW, I found 4 more potatoes while setting out the garlic. My cup runneth over.

Will be looking for some onion plants. And weeding and pruning. Never a dull moment in a garden!