I am so proud to have received this award from Patti, a writer I truly admire. The purpose of the award is to spread the word about new blogs you may have missed. So go over to www.Patricia Yager Delagrange.WordPress .com and check out the other 14 recipients of this award. Meanwhile I’ll be thinking of another  15 blogs to pass the award to.

And now another garden story: a few weeks ago I noticed the middle planter on the front wall of our house didn’t look happy. In fact it looked pretty bad. I had planted heather (as in Scottish heather on the moors) in the 3 planters but the middle one just didn’t make it. As I was on my way to do some shopping I decided to drop in at Gamm Vert, my favorite plant place and see what I could find to replace the heather.

Inside I saw a clerk placing geranium plants in small pots out. When I asked what color they might be, she said she didn’t know but at 1 euro a pot how could I go wrong? So I bought 3 pots. I can’t resist a bargain. Back home I planted them in the old planter after transferring the heather to the lower garden. I hate waisting a plant.

This morning when I thought a geranium might like a drink of water. Lo and behold! I found those tiny plants were flowering like mad in pink, red and white,

So here are my prize geraniums at 1 euro a pot! I do love a bargain.

I think I may have forgotten to tell you about our new grey kitty. He showed up in what we call the cat yard which is adjacent to our cat room. He is so sweet and gentle that I couldn’t resist feeding him. But when Robin, local handyman, spotted him he said he thought he might belong to Manuel who was a police chief in Tahiti. Manuel has cats, so I told Robin to tell Manuel that I might have his grey kitty and if he wants him, come get him. I don’t really need to have a problem with a former Tahitian police chief, now do I? I also asked around the village. I had to since my daughter, Meg, accuses me of being a Cat Thief.

Okay that brings us up to date. Now let me know if you’d like to nominate a blog for a nice award. Or go over to Patti’s blog and see what she’s up to!