I recently queried my friends on line about the wisdom of having a serialized novel on my blog. The response was  an emphatic “NO!” I hadn’t considered how many women work on their computers daily and would prefer another medium for reading books.  So no serialized novel will show up on my blog.

In fact, the response encouraged me to give up on my previous idea and go straight for getting published. However, so as not to confuse the readers, I will be looking for a new home for my blog and a place to publicize what I write (Women’s Fiction).

Meantime, that old dilemma of how a debut novelist can get her name out there and interest readers in her book still exists. I still think this social media is the way to go. And continued thinking along those lines has convinced me that a good book review from a debut novelist might work. SOOOOOO….. I am now looking for a fresh new voice to review.

All you unpubs, let me hear from you. I will buy your book and do my best to give it a good review.